Our Top 10 Yoga Loving Eco Celebrities

As high street and luxury brands are starting to look for an alternative for materials, it looks like celebrities are doing their bit too. Here’s a list of our top 10 yogi celebs making a conscious effort to go eco-friendly.


1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio, 2016 Oscars

Following on from his Oscar win for ‘The Revenant’ Dicaprio has had a major part to play in helping the environment. By starting his own environmental organisation, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, he addresses a wide range of issues including wildlife protection, renewable energy and climate change. Serving on several other environmental organisations such as Global Green USA and the World Wildlife Fund, Leonardo DiCaprio has well and truly earned a spot on our top ten.

2. Miranda Kerr

Being Earth Hour’s global ambassador, Miranda promotes the global environmental initiative to encourage the public to turn off the lights for one specified hour. As well as founding an organice skincare line, Kora, she also created the “I Will If You Will” challenge and helped Earth Hour’s campaign reach close to 2 billion people in 135 countries.



3. Brad Pitt

           Brad Pitt in the baby days 

Besides the devastating break up to his wife Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt has been busy in the eco world, with his worldwide efforts to build environmentally friendly structures through sustainable architecture and design. From this, he’s convened a group of experts in New Orleans in the hope of rebuilding green, affordable housing on a large scale to help families after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. That group is now formally ‘The Make It Right Foundation’ non-profit, committed to rebuilding lives and communities in New Orleans.

4. Jamie Oliver

                                Jamie Oliver for ‘The Wellness Revolution’ – formed by yoga bunnies

Known among everyone to be a fighter for healthy eating and implementing this across schools in the UK. His entire work is based on sourcing organic and natural food that is quick and easy to make. On top of this, during a travel show through the USA Jamie calculated the CO2 that was created during the shows filming so that he could make it carbon neutral.  To offset these carbon emissions Jamie and the crew developed projects to help others reduce their carbon emissions.  This included providing energy-efficient stoves in Cambodia, another using wind power in China and a solar power installation in India.

5. Stella McCartney

Stella is a pioneering foot in the fashion world, being true to using no animal products within her many lines. Standing firm against competitors using leather, her bag collection is arguably her best sellers. Her company being fully committed to sustainability, with all her UK stores being powered entirely by Wind Energy, she even has an ‘Environmental Tips’ section in amongst her fashion on her website. Partnering with several charities every year to help the environment, Stella is among our top ten for her outstanding efforts and success.

6. Drew Barrymore

Drew and her cruelty free make up line

With the rise of vegan make-up, Drew wanted her say in the matter with her own cruelty free line Flower Beauty. Launched in 2013, the products use botanical-infused ingredients, with all products manufactured in the US to save on the environmental effects of transport and shipping. Not only this, Drew has made a valiant effort to travel on the subway, for a woman of great wealth it’s a small price to help the environment. We salute you Drew.

7. Gisele Bundchen

Using her supermodel status, Gisele has contributed to make a change in ecological conservation and education. Involved in several environmental campaigns, as well as being a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations’ Environemtn Program, she helped to launch safe water initiatives and anti-foresting movements globally. Seeing green in her personal life, Gisele lives in a eco-friendly mansion with numerous solar energy panels and 90 percent of the materials used to rebuild the home were refurbished. Basically a living Mother Theresa, right?


8. Emma Watson

                             Emma Watson wearing Calvin Klein, made of plastic bottles

Most well known for her role in Harry Potter as Hermione, Emma has stepped out into the world with a strong feminist voice. A spear head for eco-friendly fashion, Emma has recently created an instagram solely with eco-fashion following her Beauty and The Beast press tour. Champoning looks made out of plastic bottles from Calvin Klein and cruelty-free coats from Stella McCartney, Emma is going truly organic and we’re all for it!

9. Lauren Conrad

Lauren and her eco collection, laurenconrad.com

Known for reality TV series ‘The Hills’ Lauren has branched out from her intern life for a fashion brand of her own. She has recently made an accessories line in collaboration with Repreve, a fabric derived in part from post-consumer water bottles. The range is divided into food-on-the-go, beauty and travel categories with reusable lunchware, a cool iron cover that withstands up to 500 degrees and many more. Each product includes a label that lists the product’s environmental metrics such as number of bottles recycled.

10. Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde in H&M conscious collection

Olivia Wilde is all about ethical fashion. The actress teamed up with H&M on their Conscious Exclusive 2015 Collection to help spread the word about the eco-friendly line. The collection used recycled polyester and organic cotton and silk and has been produced in line with company-wide fair-wage initiatives.


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