The YogaClicks Christmas Gift Guide to Yoga Inspired Gifts Over £65

Searching for that truly unique luxury yoga inspired gift? From the world’s first yoga mat made by sheep to the stunning Eternal Bliss Topaz Throat Chakra pendant, we have the ultimate luxury gifts collection.


Aditi Long Sleeve Yoga Top – £76.44
The ultra feminine Aditi long sleeve yoga top is the perfect cover up for your yoga practice and easily integrates into your everyday wardrobe. This style features a beautiful waterfall detail at the back, which layers up perfectly with the Lila, Gita and Siwa Bra Tops.

Yoga Shape Leggings Lakshmi (Anthracite) – £101.43
The new Kismet Shape Leggings Lakshmi in anthracite is something really special. The Kismet “Shape Effekt” gives your waist, hip and bum the perfect contour.

Natural High Fibre Performance Yoga Mat – £200
Meet the natural wool, high performance yoga mat with eco and ethical credentials. Made by sheep, for yogis! Safe for advanced asana practice, with a non-slip coating underside and grippy top. Lightweight and yet with dense cushioning, durability and flexibility.

Yoga Fringe Clutch – £125
Personally sourced and designed for yoguh, the luxury suede fringe bags are the result of a collaboration with French Moroccan bag designer Lalla.

Yoga Bunny’s Contour Necklace (Warrior II)  – £85
This fun, elegant and unique 1.8cm dia. pendant is for the yoga bunny that loves the Warrior II pose. This necklace comes in either 18ct gold, 18ct rose gold and sterling silver, the base metal in 925 silver.

Blue Lotus Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat – £69
With a natural 100% tree rubber base and an absorbent microfibre layer on the top, the yoga mats feel soft and luxurious but also give you a great non-slip surface. 

Eternal Bliss Throat Chakra With Topaz Pendant (Gold)  – £240
Authentic self-expression. A luminous blue topaz encircled by sixteen lotus petals that symbolize the energy channels or nadis.

Ab Fab Yoga Legging (Dazzling Blue) – £85
This yoga legging is cut-and-sew style, so it has more seams, but we‘ve used them to create a very flattering shape. Long legged people will love it for its long fit, but if short legged, you can nicely crop the ankles. Looks great with any single or combination of our tops. 

Parijaat Mala Necklace  – £132.50
108 Mala necklace created with 8mm Smoky Quartz, Moss Agate and 7-8mm Sandalwood beads. Malachite Guru bead with sterling silver spacers and bead caps. Strung on green thread with a green tassel.

Pashmina Blend Meditation Shawl Large (Shamrock) – £69.95
This premium pashmina shawl loves to be worn as a stylish accessory or during long meditation sessions. Draped around your neck and shoulders, our shawl will keep you warm and comfortable.

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