The Yoga Blues and How to Get Them

Blue was all over the catwalk this show season – it’s officially your new, go-to colour this summer! Delve into the many shades – are you an Indigo, Island Paradise or a Lapis Blue kind of girl? Read on to shop fashion to mats for the ultimate this season yogi look!


Spotted! Yogi celebrity street style 

Karlie Kloss

Hilary Swank

Ashley Greene

Jenna Dewan

Irina Shayk

Hailey Baldwin

Bloggers leading the season


Fitness on Toast

Evann Clingan


Get the blues at YogaClicks.Store

Sasha from West Virginia wears Full Moon Yoga Pants, £67.00 (PawPaw Yoga Wear at YogaClicks.Store)

Heading for the weekend in Bubble Pants £47.00 (PawPaw Yoga Wear at YogaClicks.Store)

Judith in her Tip Top, £44.00 (PawPaw Yoga Wear at YogaClicks.Store)

Althea Sky Ribbed Yoga Tank, £35.00 (Kisaiya at YogaClicks)

Calypso Sky Sports Yoga Bra, £20.00 (Kisaiya at YogaClicks)

Amanda Panelled Yoga Leggings, £45.00 (Kisaiya at YogaClicks)

Asquith SS17, at YogaClicks

Blue Lotus Yoga Mat, £87.00 (Bliss Cloud at YogaClicks)

Constellation Eco-friendly Yoga Mat, £87.00 (Bliss Cloud at YogaClicks)

Tropical Eco-friendly Yoga Mat, £87.00 (Bliss Cloud at YogaClicks)

Jilla SS17, at YogaClicks

Warrior Goddess Yoga Mala, £133.38 (Malatopia at YogaClicks)

Amazonite Baby Sandalwood Mala, £46.87    (AnnakaTaika at YogaClicks)

Trust – Let Go Mala, £171.36  (Mala Collective at YogaClicks)