Ten #PoweredByYoga Guys Doing Business Their Way

#PoweredByYoga guys are in the news – creating yoga-inspired businesses. If you’re wanting to set up your own #PoweredByYoga business look no further for inspo than these guys.


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Dylan Werner Yoga

Dylan is a yoga teacher currently traveling the world sharing his practice and love for yoga.

SHVA is the creation of Dylan and his school friends Jayson Madore and Mathew Troy. Born and raised in Southern California’s music scene they’ve been bandmates since high school. During the past twenty years the trio have explored most aspects of music including Rock, Alternative and Trance. After immersing themselves in career, cultures, and the chaos that comes through a life well lived, they are now exploring the world of New Age and Soundscape with their debut album as SHVA, “Mantra and Kirtan”.

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Patrick Beach

Patrick Beach teaches vigorous and fluid vinyasa yoga that builds strength, creates flexibility and inspires play. Patrick’s teaching goes beyond intelligent alignment; moving any willing student to an introspective, holistic experience that explores the chakras and cultivates mind-body awareness.

Patrick travels the world leading workshops, retreats and training modules. Named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers by Sonima Live, his strong presence has allowed him to share yoga internationally via his engaging work with global brand H&M, Online yoga platform CodyApp and his features in Cosmopolitan UK, People Magazine, Yoga Digest, Draze, Mantra, and Origin Magazine.

Patrick is also the creator of men’s wear line BLNCX which brings high performance, stylish and comfortable athletic wear to the market.

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Warren James Li 🇺🇸 is the Bruce Lee of yoga, a gravity defying American Ninja Warrior who loves to inspire us to a challenge.

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Sean Phelps Life

Sean made his way into his first yoga class one month before his 30th birthday.  Although he’d been incredibly active (wake boarding, snowboarding, surfing, etc.) nearly his whole life, he had never experienced the all encompassing sense of awareness that he had found through yoga.  Immediately, Sean went full force practicing nearly everyday, sometimes twice a day, learning to draw his attention inward through the physical asana.

Today, 7 years later, Sean is a dedicated daily Ashtanga practitioner and agility/strength training devotee.  He loves playing with ALL aspects of movement of the body, but what he feels is most important is awareness of the mind or in other words, transcending self-consciousness. Sean believes that through daily meditation and mindfulness ‘workshops’ he is able to transcend [the ‘normal’ and ’turbulent’ life experience towards one that is abundant and prosperous.] In this way he is able to share his experience of the mental yogic process, along with pranayama and an incredibly wide range of asana with other practitioners, teachers and students he encounters.

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Carson Clay Calhoun

Traveling Rocket / Ashtanga Yoga teacher.

After years of encouragement from his mother, Carson began practicing yoga in 2010. He did his first 200 hour teacher training in 2011 at Little River Yoga and has since studied Ashtanga Yoga with David B. Keil and Rocket Yoga with David C. Kyle. As a movement enthusiast Carson incorporates a variety of disciplines into his yoga classes, which focus on building a strong mind and body.

@cetincetintas, 97.8K followers


Cetin’s interest into sports began with martial arts. In the following years he came to know Yoga, initially becoming an expert in yoga and acrobalance.

He studied yoga and meditation at different monasteries in China, Tibet, India, Burma and Thailand. He’s learned Sanskrit and studied the old scriptures in India. In 2011, he participated the training of Dalai Lama in India. Following this experience, he lived in Myanmar, Pa-Auk Forest Monastery as a Monk and he studied Pali Sutras. Cetin Cetintas who knows 5 languages including Sanskrit, translated many ancient scriptures into Turkish and English. He’s published his yoga book “Finding Hanuman Within” in 2016. In 2017 he is getting ready to publish his second book “Yoga Sutras – Handbook of a Yogi” in which there are also his translations of Yoga Sutras from Sanskrit to Turkish.

He often delivers teacher trainings, retreats and workshops on yoga and meditation around the world. He tries to help those who practice yoga take their yoga experience deeper – not just in physical terms but also spiritually. Cetin Cetintas says: ”Human beings see every other thing but themselves. And I am a humble mirror standing before you, reflecting your very self to you.”

@dade2shelby, 70.7K followers


Channeling his West Indian ancestry, always listening to Bob Marley while he practices yoga, and his signature crown of locked hair, Derrick “DJ” Townsel is known as the “Rasta Yogi”.

Remembering where he was born (Miami, FL) and where he spent 6 years of his adolescence (Memphis, TN), Derrick Townsel uses the name “Dade2Shelby” to always remind him of where his journey started.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Derrick was extremely athletic throughout his childhood and adolescence. His God given talent compelled with all of his hard work and tenacity propelled him to a full scholarship playing football at Murray State University as a 4-year starter, and then on to the NFL with the Houston Texans from 2010-2011.

Inspired by amazing individuals on Instagram, Derrick began practicing yoga in 2012. Not entirely comfortable practicing in public at the time, Derrick became a self-taught yogi in the middle of his living room. Derrick has now become an inspiration to thousands who didn’t think a passion for fitness or yoga could be a possibility for them, mainly men and people of colour. Derrick is now a 200-Hour Certified Yoga Instructor, Acrobatic Yoga Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, and Level 2 WCO Calisthenics Instructor in Central Florida.


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Gerald Saluti and Yu Lady

According to his bio on OneOEight TV, Gerald Saluti took his first yoga class over 10 years ago and was drawn both to the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. Intrigued by how yoga made him feel and in order to deepen his own practice, Gerald completed his first teacher training. He attended numerous yoga workshops, festivals, and events and eventually could not ignore his burning desire to teach yoga.

So began Gerald’s life’s work. Trained in Vinyasa yoga his teaching centres on linking breath to movement with a heavy emphasis on core engagement and the interplay between the recruitment of different muscle groups. Gerald’s classes are designed to challenge you but also leave you peaceful and serene. By pushing the body through vigorous asana, he encourages his students to connect every movement to their breath, thus unlocking mental clarity and an over all sense of wellbeing. Gerald’s clients include everything from major college athletic programs to private individuals. He is the father of six beautiful children and the devoted husband of Yulady Saluti – also a OneOEight yoga instructor.

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Brian Miller came to yoga from business and law. According to globalyogashala.com, awed by the metamorphosis he experienced and continues to experience through his yoga practice, Brian believes the practice of yoga can help inspire both mental and physical transformations, develop strength, balance, focus, and stamina – enabling each of us to reach our full potential.

Brian is 200 hr Yoga Alliance certified in Ashtanga Yoga and Yin Yoga and is currently completing his 500 hr certification. He compliments his practice and teaching through trainings in Anusara, Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics, alignment and anatomy. He has studied with world renown teachers including David Swenson, Todd Norian, Kino MacGregor, Joe Barnett (Paul Grilley), Mariela Cruz, and Noah Maze. In achieving his advanced practice, Brian demonstrates that anything is possible.

He is also the creator of @KarmavoreSuperfoods

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Josh Kramer describes himself as a ‘NZ Yoga & Handstand Teacher, World Traveler & Humanitarian Professional.’ Often pictured with his girlfriend, Insta legend, Alo Yoga ambassador, and yoga teacher Ashley Galvin, they make a pretty picturesque couple. Josh offers online coaching and will work closely with you to set in place realistic milestones, cater to your individualised needs, and develop a training plan that will ensure you work towards achieving your goals. We’re in!

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