Sunday Love Letter Vol.2


Hey, Lovely 🙂
Anna here.
It’s been a challenging week for a lot of people this week.
It seems to be one awful event after another recently, even if you don’t really watch the news (like me), it’s impossible to avoid the feeling of collective grief, sadness, and unrest that’s about at the moment!
So, I’d really like to share with you how I handle all these feelings and the energy around them…. with gratitude.
Now bear with me, I’m not suggesting that you go around chanting ‘It’s all good’… when obviously it isn’t!
However, I do believe that you don’t really gain anything by moaning or complaining for too long; and that it’s great to switch out of that energy as soon as possible.

How do you do that?

Well, first you can think of something you can do to change or help the situation (like make a donation or volunteer).
Secondly, I think it really important to focus on what you have to grateful for in life. Even if it’s just small things, like a sunny day, it can really help to shift your energy!
I’ve also made you a Gratitude Checklist and a Gratitude Journal to help you stay focused on your mission 😉
Just print them out (or you can fill in the checklist online by checking the circles each day).
Then each day put a little heart on the Checklist when you end the day feeling grateful for something… and if you want to get more specific, you can use the Journal to start and end your day too (You need to watch the video for full instructions)
I like to do this with a friend… and I always find that the end of 90 days my life always feels happier; even if I’ve had challenges to deal with.
Much Love and Gratitude,

Anna xxx

p.s Watch the video here

p.p.s Download your Gratitude Checklist here

p.p.p.s 😉 Download your Gratitude Journal here

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