Sunday Love Letter Vol. 1

Loving a little bigger



Hey,  Beautiful One,

This is my first ‘Sunday Love Letter.’
And it’s something I feel really passionate about because…
‘Loving a little bigger’ is something we could all benefit from, you, me, the world… everyone!
I believe that one of the best ways to create a more abundant supply of love to share is to take care of your own needs.
If you feel ‘cared for and nourished,’ this ‘self-love’ can’t help but spill out into the world and people around you!
So I want to challenge you to do something lovely for yourself today… and then, pass it on 🙂
So, make time to take a lovely fragranced bath, go for a walk, read a book just for pleasure, grab a partner for a foot rub, or do a gorgeously relaxing yoga class <3
If you’d like some beautiful yoga inspiration, then I’ve put together a collection of my favourite classes for rest and relaxation
(It’s easy, just download the pdf, pick a class, and allow yourself to ‘bliss out’!)
Then most importantly, pass on the love!
Tell someone you appreciate them, give someone a hug, sprinkle flower seeds onto a patch of wasteland, leave someone a surprise gift, or smile at strangers.
It doesn’t matter what it is…
The ‘only goal’ is to create a little bit more love to spread around 🙂
Yours, with much Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation,
Anna x x x

p.s Download Your Free Yoga Classes For Rest And Relaxation Here

About the author

Anna Challacombe is the creator of Bliss Yoga Mats – eco-friendly, sustainable and beautiful yoga mats.

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