Seven Signs You Need A Yoga Retreat 

The first time I heard of a yoga retreat, I thought it expensive, unnecessary and too much of a luxury for me to even bother. But, having attended many and led three retreats (and counting); I can tell you, they’re worth every penny. Here’s the seven signs you need a yoga retreat and what you’ll get out of it. Clue – a whole new life!


1. You keep forgetting to breathe


Retreats are so much more than just a vacation infused with yoga asana. In the hands of a powerful healer, surrounded by nature and the sacred flow of the Earth all around you; your ability to heal amplifies considerably. You are able to let go of this hyper-reactive, overly heightened, deeply disconnected world we are so deeply immersed in. You suddenly find yourself releasing tension, taking deep sighs of relief and exploring a true connection to the self that may have eluded you while you were constantly pulled in a billion directions all at once “back in the real world”.

2. You’re still holding on to old wounds

When you are able to take a step back from all the prana-draining impulses that demand so much of us and give so little in return; you are able, not only to recharge your batteries as you may do with a simple trip to the beach, but you are able to sit in silence with your purest self. You are able to listen and respond to your heart of hearts and make a powerfully loving connection to who you truly are; in every way – dark and light, perfectly imperfect and utterly magnificent.- It is as though you were taking the ego-filled, fearful and judgmental veil (chitta vritti) of pre-conceived reality off and finally taking a look at the whole Universe as it truly is. And it is a tremendously powerful change that can heal wounds we long ago had forgotten or allowed to fester with in our very souls.

3. You don’t have time for yourself 

When all there is in a day is you, your breath, your practice and the pure connection of love and awareness to those around you and to the sacred spaces with in; the alchemy is that much greater, purer and much more intensified to be sure.

4. You don’t like yourself much

Santa Catalina Retreats, Next Retreat Oct 22th – 28th 2017

It is not about the gains we may make in our physical practice (though; those too come more readily when all we have is the breath, the movement and the moment as it is – no pets, kids, spouses or work to deter or distract from any of if) so much as it is about the strides we can make within our very souls. It is about healing our relationship to ourselves, the world around us and the people who surround us in all their forms. It is about being able to step into a place of deep vulnerability and release so deeply that all that is left behind is our bright soul; vibrantly melding into the whole of the Universe and vibrating with joy.

5. You don’t have time for other people

Santa Catalina Retreats, Next Retreat Oct 22th – 28th 2017 

A yoga retreat is not about exploring solely the wonders around us, but about exploring the wonders within with the pure intention to love more deeply, release more powerfully and ultimately, transform into such a state of light and equanimity, that we are then able to take ten times the prana we would normally take with us off our mats and into the rest of our days. These retreats are a time to connect deeply soul to soul with the people and the very space around us. They are a place for us to re-connect with ourselves and re-learn and remember how to love ourselves more purely and remember that we are one with the Universe at large. These experiences are uniquely transformative and each one holds a precious gift of healing for us that will stay with us for a lifetime.

6. You want a new life

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So, don’t think of a yoga retreat as a fun beach vacation with some physical activity to boot (though, as I said; these are also aspects of the experience as a whole) think of them as a much-needed respite from it all and an invitation into the self that will allow you to lead a more vibrant life. A life filled with pure energy, love, vibration and light. A life that will call out to the very fabric of the Universe and ask that miracles abound in your every breath. A life that will allow you to remain present, connected and whole-heartedly aware of the fluid nature of life; though the highs and lows, through the pain and the joy; you will be one with it all and in this space, you will create a new reality. You will become one with it all again and return home.

7. You are ready for a miracle

Santa Catalina Retreats, Next Retreat Oct 22th – 28th 2017

Now; don’t you want to come home again? – Stop waiting; you deserve more. You deserve this connection. You deserve the miracles that will come from this journey and you are ready. Take the leap of faith.


About the author

Sapha Arias, 500RYT is a Houston based yoga and meditation instructor as well as a writer, nutrition advisor and ‘love your body’ healer. She teaches at Cherry Blossom Yoga and Kahanu Yoga in the Spring/Cypress areas of Houston as well as offering private instructions, specialty workshops and teaching at corporate offices around Houston. She also extends her teaching in a global manner by leading yearly yoga retreats based on the power of alchemical changes found through self-awareness, connectivity and the many tools the practice has to offer.

Her teachings revolve around the belief that in order to access creative change and powerful healing, one must first learn to ground down and open up. A paradigm that has lead her through many years of study and self-discovery, and which brings a unique voice and quality to each of her teachings. Her written work has been featured on Elephant Journal and Global Yoga Hub and she has recently been featured in the 2016 Yoga Summit with her “Healing from the Inside Out – The Power of Your Story” lecture.

Sapha believes in the importance of the breath as a paramount foundation for flow-based practices and she is a firm believer in the importance of biomechanics and the individually unique anatomy of each person needing to be served and honored with in the practice itself.

Sapha is a firm believer in the importance of continual education and is constantly growing her knowledge of yoga, meditation, nutrition, physiology, psychology and much more. Her mission is to help people to develop and harness the tools that can help them heal from the inside out by allowing them to truly get to know who they are and teaching them how to remain present to every moment so they can release, open and create a life that is filled with joy, purpose and peace.

Santa Catalina Retreats, Oct 22nd-28th 2017

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Surrounded by the majestic Pacific ocean, lush green forests, abundant flora and fauna and secluded heavenly beaches, this retreat will be filled with yoga, meditation, adventure, connectivity, healthful eating, r&r, and transformation. You will let go of the restraints that have for so long uprooted you and tap into your truest self in order to heal and soften into each moment in a state of presence and love that will attract light, miracles and healing into each part of your life.

If you know you need to re-connect and let go of old patterns and if you are looking for an adventure that will lead to deep healing in your life; then this is the retreat for you.

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