Rise of the Yogi Kid

We see the benefit of yoga in our own lives, so sharing it with our children is a no-brainer. But what will keep them motivated on their mat?


Want your child to sleep through the night? To be healthy, happy and creative?

Thought so! As well as physical benefits like strengthening muscles and developing flexibility and good posture; yoga offers a number of emotional benefits that are equally important to a child’s growth. Yoga’s been proven to help with improving healthy sleep patterns, building self confidence, releasing day to day anxiety and developing creativity.

Check out the science here.


Finding the right teacher is just as important for kids as adults

YogaBugs specialises in yoga for kids and holds classes across the UK. Spanning first walkers to 12 year olds, they cater to all abilities, with classes focusing on building confidence, improving concentration and having fun.

Youtube Classes

Cosmic Kids Yoga

If you’re too weary to take your child to a class, or maybe don’t have time to travel, then YouTube is the next best thing. With over 100,000 subscribers, Cosmic Kids Yoga is a channel dedicated to interactive and fun classes for kids aged 3+, with animated back drops, fun music and a very enthusiastic teacher. The channel covers a number of different class lengths and types – from yoga adventures, to yoga stories, to guided relaxation.


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It’s getting easier and easier for kids to express themselves through their yoga gear, and our lovely designers, Trina and Charlene at Solo Sol, want to make it even easier. Click here to shop the cutest kids clothes in town. 


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As every grown up yogi knows, the jewellery completes an outfit. Not only is it a great way to reward your child for trying something new, but also to encourage them to do more yoga. These easy, colourful and fun pieces from mum and designer Helen, of Chant Malas fame, will have your child on their mat faster than you can say ‘namaste.’ Click here to shop the look.


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Yogi kid bloggers are very much ‘A Thing’. Not only are the pics a great tool to embarrass them for years to come, a self indulgent treat to see your kid looking super cute, they’re also a great motivational tool. Your child will see what they’re accomplishing, and get a sense of themselves as progressing over time.

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