Once Upon A Mala:  The Travelling Mala Project

Once upon a time there lived a mala, who had been created out of a love of connection and collaboration between women far and wide.  This mala would arrive on the doorstep of a willing participant, shimmering with light and vibrating with the energy of mantra and sound, to inspire and ignite the spark of creativity that burned within the new sister.  She would then move onto the next sister, travelling across countries and continents to join hands and hearts.




What is Once Upon a Mala?

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Once Upon a Mala is a traveling mala project with a creative writing twist. It is the soul child of Helen Kathleen, Creatrix at Chant Malas, one of YogaClicks’ beautiful mala brands, and was birthed out of her love of stories, people, travel and, of course, malas. This is a project with connection and collaboration at its heart.

How does it work?

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Helen has created a mala which is in the midst of its travels around the globe, making stops here and there to be meditated with, worn, cared for, by a keeper, a sister, for one week before making its way to the next stop.

During each of the participants’ time with the mala, they write a story of at least 108 words, which is posted on the Chant Malas blog. The stories are inspired by the participants’ time with the mala and can be poems, meditations, descriptions of the place the mala called her home…anything.

The story so far…

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Our mala (because she belongs to all of the hands that touch her) started in the UK with beautiful Tuesday, who took her off to India, where she was then passed on to the wonderful Alice in Assam. She then made her may to the inspiring Gayle in Vrindavan before winging her way back to the UK briefly, where she met the incredible Charlotta Martinus, who took her to Sierra Leone.

The story continues…

Our mala is now back in the UK and about to leave our shores for the USA.

How to participate:

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If you would like to be a part of the story, please contact Helen by emailing hello@chantmalas.co.uk with the title ‘Once Upon a Mala’.

To follow the mala in real time, please follow @once.upon.a.mala on Instagram.

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