Neuro Nutrition – The All New Meditation Diet

As a yogi you know that meditation is your brain’s best friend. But did you know that there’s a new diet in town that can help you double down on brain benefits? This sizzling hot global trend focuses on ingredients which repair brain cells and boosts neurotransmission – enabling us to learn even faster and make better decisions. Making it the perfect diet for meditators everywhere.


Honeybrains – ‘the first cafe for the mind’



Honeybrains is the creation of three siblings, who wanted to explore the relationship between ingredients, health, and flavour.  One of the siblings, a neurologist , shared how nutrition and lifestyle affect brain function.  Ultimately, this conversation led to the idea of a new food experience with well-being at its core – based on the best available neuroscience.

The siblings call it their L.I.F.E. process.  L stands for love, I stands for ingredients, F stands for flavour and fun, and E stands for education. They try to bring the L.I.F.E. process into everything they do:  from menus, to raw honeys, to an array of select supplements and technologies that promote wellness. Watch out for the circadian lighting system that stimulate the grey cells by mimicking natural light, and a brain-sensing headband called Muse that creates a meditation based on your mood.

London’s Corinthia Hotel – the first neuroscientist in residence

The hotel’s Brain Power packages align with their Neuroscientist in Residence programme, during which time neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart will be studying mental resilience and recovery as a major factor in achieving peak brain performance.

What we eat and drink, how we sleep and stimulate the brain through the five senses, all play a key part in creating the optimum conditions for brain power performance. The hotel’s Brain Power packages operate in three areas of the hotel:

1. Sleeping

Seven to nine hours of good quality sleep each night is essential as this is when the brain’s glymphatic system – the waste clearance system – works. Any disruption to this process can drop IQ by five to eight points the next day.

2. The Spa

A holistic, deeply relaxing and clarifying two-hour massage works on the concept of mindfulness, focusing on both brain and body to help reduce stress and enhance focus through breathing and visualisation techniques. The massage concludes with a personalised session of Yoga Nidra.

3. Dining

Brains use up to 20-30% of what we eat and drink so food choices should be made that are best for the brain first. Ingredients such as carrots in turmeric, and green tea sauce, provide essential nutrients to support our neurotransmitters – controlling how well we learn, remember and make decisions. Highlights include Raw Kale Salad, Beetroot and Carrots, and Organic Salmon and Green Mango Carpaccio.