Meet the Yogi Bloggers Turned Business Moguls

Meet some of the yogi entrepreneurs who are turning their influencer power into their very own yoga inspired businesses.


@yoga_girl  media mogul

@yoga_girl    2m followers   Aruba, Carribean

With two million followers Rachel Brathen is the yoga world’s biggest star, a position that’s entirely down to her willingness to share her beautiful smile and her sometime tumultuous emotional journey against a beachy backdrop.

Launching her Instagram account in 2012, she popularised the hashtag #yogaeverydamnday, and in 2015, created a Kickstarter campaign to launch oneOeight, ‘an online platform dedicated to healing with a foundation in yoga’. The fastest funded yoga project on any crowdfunding platform ever, she raised $100,000 in the first 24 hours, eventually achieving $430,943 with the help of 6,511 backers.



@kinoyoga & @beachyogagirl – the world’s first yoga lifestyle channel

@kinoyoga   1m followers    Florida, USA

@beachyogagirl   1m followers    Florida, USA

Kino McGregor, also known as ‘the encyclopedia of yoga’, and Kerri Verna, AKA @beachyogagirl, have followed Rachel’s lead, creating a Kickstarter campaign, also for a TV channel. This one is called OmStars – promising a space ‘to create your best yogi life’ ($14.99 a month). A library of yogic resources – from practice and insights to wellness, culture and lifestyle – it launched on Kickstarter January 2017, quickly achieving $106,204 of their $50,000 base goal with 1,158 backers. Now well on their way to their third stretch goal – filming additional classes with guest teachers, it seems it won’t be long before they achieve their final goal – building a bespoke yoga studio.

“Yoga brought me to a place of peace that I didn’t know existed. It was through yoga I found my inner light that lead me on a path to finding my true calling and purpose.” – Kerri Verna

“For the last ten years, I’ve been working on sharing what it means to be a modern-day yogi. I wanted to create the first ever yoga channel with content created by yogis for yogis and I am so happy to say that this is about to become a reality. I hope you’ll support us in making this dream come true.” – Kino MacGregor

@kinoyoga    14,192 likes

@beachyogagirl    6,341 likes

@amandabisk – fitness programmes

@amandabisk   653K followers    Perth, Australia

Former Australian Pole Vaulter was at the top of her game, preparing to participate in the London Olympics, when chronic fatigue struck. Desperately unhappy with the failure of her dream but uncomfortable with the idea of taking anti depressants, Amanda turned to health and nutrition. When she realised that every meal was a chance to heal her body she started to get better, and then, in the middle of 2012, she discovered yoga; a way to tune into, and understand, the way she was feeling. She was eager to share her journey. So she turned her ‘simple philosophies’ into a thriving business – teaching her followers to learn (about food and the body), lead (inspiring themselves everyday) and love (life) with a series of downloadable 20 minute fitness and flexibility training programmes. Amanda also partners with Active Escapes to offer holidays to exotic destinations like Bali, the Maldives and Hawaii.



@rebekahletch – natural beauty

@Rebekahletch   150K followers    NYC & Singapore

Growing up in Singapore with parents of South Indian, Nepalese and Chinese heritage, it was only natural that Rebekah’s mother would use natural oils to nourish her daughter’s body through her hair, skin and nails. Now the number one Beauty and Essential Oil brand on, ballerina and yogi Rebekah’s brand, Radha Beauty, is a homage to those cultural roots, cleverly blending modern day active ingredients with a pure botanical base.



@trina_solomon – yoga clothing

Trina Solomon

@trina_solomon 12K followers with bestie @ashleygalvinyoga 432K followers California, USA

Trina Solomon is the living embodiment of her belief that yoga gives us the courage to find our true self and reach for our dreams. Hiking the 4,421 metre Mount Whitney with her sister Charlene, the siblings decided to realise their dream – designing active wear for the adventure seeking, wild hearted, and free spirited, made on the beautiful island of Bali.

Vista Sol Yoga Bra – Solstice £42, available at YogaClicks.Store

Baja Yoga Legging Alpha £65 available at YogaClicks.Store

Able to connect with highly engaged audiences with the kind of authenticity encouraged in yogic philosophy, the ancient sages would be very proud.

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