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It was one hazy summer evening when a flyer came through the door, inviting me to take a yoga class at a local church hall, was I truly able experience and appreciate Kundalini Yoga.


That was the beginning of my metamorphosis as an individual going through a personal crisis and what disentangled was the most magical opportunity to explore feminine power, tapping into my creative source to align myself with my destiny, which took several years from then on. I did travel, taking the scenic route for while as ‘being’ was so much more important than ‘doing’, digging my heels in the white sands, soaking up the sun on my travels immersed in meditation and yoga practice at sunrise and sometimes even at sunset. I was in my element, feeling happy, carefree, centered within myself and blissed out in authentic freedom.  A few years later, having experienced the benefits of yoga, I trained to teach children yoga and more recently I was inspired to start and although I had conceived these jewellery designs ideas as a teenager, I wasn’t able to actually birth and launch Sohavi until many years later in my adult life. My knowledge and appreciation of spiritual symbols and their beautiful meanings came through returning to my breath and in my own heart space. But also aided profoundly by spiritual music called Kirtan.

Over time a regular practice of KY helped me to make space inside, it felt like a cleansing process, perhaps karmic cleansing even and listening to devotional mantra music for hours filled that empty space which I came to appreciate as Naad Yoga – healing through sound. My dance with KY and sometimes Hatha yoga has been a deeply heart opening experience and at other times I’ve just dipped my toes for a quick fix, recharging my spiritual batteries. Grace has appeared even more visibly at every defining moment of my journey in spiritual and creative growth and I believe that both are intertwining and intrinsic.

Kundalini energy is raised in all types of yoga and has been written about in sacred ancient Vedic scriptures, described as a coiled serpent lying dormant at the base of the spine, awakened through yoga, chanting and spiritual practice or for some is awaked by a divine blessing or boon. It is said to uncoil naturally, ascending upwards to clear the chakras that correlate to the endocrine system within the body and a complete sense of wellbeing or oneness is experienced.The practice of KY in particular is altogether different from other schools of yoga and gathering a much wider popularity in recent years. The breath work is intensive, detoxifying and with regular early morning practice one can benefit from razor sharp mental clarity, heightened intuition, bringing balance and harmony in daily life. It can be physically intense and keeping our eyes closed in a KY class connects to inner calm with raised awareness of subtle energies and of our energetic body. Most KY teachers will play a collection of mantra music and include chanting mantra.

Mantra also pronounced mantar meaning mind tool is derived from the Sanskrit words Man meaning mind and Tra meaning tool. The purpose to mantras and chanting is to deliver the mind from illusion and material inclinations and to bring the mind back into focus into the present. For the mantra to be effective, there is an emphasis on correct pronunciation and to be present in feeling and believing in the meanings. It will open the heart and throat chakra, resonating throughout the mind body and spirit. Ancient wisdom has described listening to devotional chanting (the repetition of mantra) as sound medicine. There is a certain comfort in hearing soulful chanting which activates the body’s natural intelligence to heal itself. It feels like the spirit just understands, regardless of the sophistication of the language or even pronunciation. Whether we are listening or making music it touches our hearts.

Ancient Mystics and Guru’s guided us with great conviction to the power of repeating mantra such as Waheguru to connect with and awaken a supreme spiritual energy that resides within us, our natural wisdom and divine intelligence. When we listen to music with focus, our brains fire symmetrically, a certain harmony and powerful balance is achieved when a part of our brain called the corpus callusom enlarges and connects the right and left brain hemispheres. Science has been exploring the effect of music and the vibration of sound, releasing endorphins, creating wonderful mood changing effects. It can reduce anxiety and really helps us to get in touch with our feelings, making us feel pleasure, joy and as well as motivation create a sense of wellbeing.

One of my favorite music artists is Simrit Kaur, who is coming to London in May. If you are new to mantra music or spiritual chanting then Simrit’s vocal style which has been described as hypnotic and trance presents the perfect opportunity to experience both a music concert and KY Workshop.

Simrit sings deep meaningful devotional chants that originate from Sikh scriptures often called Guru Mantar. Meaning the Guru’s sacred word. Mantras have two components of primary importance – Meaning and Sound. First is the actual meaning of the word or words and the second is the effective sound (vibration) sends messages to our cells creating a shift in our physiology and it will open our heart chakra and our throat chakra when we chant with our whole being, we feel like we are connected to and chanting to the vibration of our own spirit. Simrit  is a renaissance woman of Greek heritage who has an talent to capture an audience and draw you into her hypnotic voice. She has worldwide recognition as a world iTunes chart topper and Grammy nominated New Age artist. There is an expansive following of music lovers who appreciate sacred mantra combined with an exciting range of international instruments with musical influences from all over the world, rendering compositions that are modern, easy to unwind too that will elevate the spirit to allow our awareness to move inwards, immersing oneself in the powerful effect of soulful mantra and sound current.

Belinda Carlisle say’s  –

“First of all, I’m such a fan of Simrit. The first time I saw her live I thought – wow she’s kind of punk rock. I don’t know why I thought that, but that’s the element that drew me to exploring her music. Her sense of melody, her energy, and her musicality set her apart from the rest. Simirt to me is the voice of this new day and age”

Click the link to experience Simrit’s music and KY yoga workshop hosted by Joy Yoga


Nicci is a Kenyan born, London-based jewellery designer, a published writer, passionate yogini and children’s yoga teacher. 

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Win Concert And Workshop Tickets For You And A Friend!

The Supreme Sound • Workshop

Sunday 28 May 2017, 6:00-8:30pm

Dive into the power of your own Supreme Sound current, using mantras, kriyas and vocal exercises. When we use the voice authentically, we experience the inspiration of our soul. Each and every person has a unique power through their own personalized sound. Everyone has this power, although many of us have been conditioned to think we don’t, therefore the power lies dormant. It is like the coding in computer programs. Our personal sound is the key to translating our unique coding. It is the oil that keeps the engine running smoothly.  Becoming intimate with the sound current of our own voice creates many incredible effects: enhanced ojas (chi), elevated feelings, enhanced immune system, enhanced intuition, a more balanced endocrine system, lustrous skin, and so much more. Together we will use the ancient sound technologies of Kundalini Yoga and the vocal practices from traditions of India, the Middle East, and “the West” to refine and enjoy our own, unique sounds. Our unique personalized sound that we’ve been hardwired with is our key to unlocking life-force within us. It does’t get any better than that: to feel the sincerity of our own sound.

Simrit and her band will guide us through a Kundalini Yoga and voice cultivation practice, with Simrit singing live to and with us, filling the space with voice and music.

Essex Unitarian Church • 112 Palace Gardens Terrace • London W8 4RT

Songs of Resilience • Concert

Monday 29 May 2017, 7:00-9:00pm

It won’t take very long after the music begins for you to realize that this isn’t your average chant and world music concert. From the transporting sounds, the high-frequency vibe, the world-class musicianship, and Simrit’s mesmerizing VOICE…Get ready for lift off!

You’ll sing, you’ll chant healing mantras, you’ll dance, and you’ll leave with a wide open heart.  Simrit and her ensemble will be playing old favourites as well as the new material.

Songs of Resilience has charted both at #1 on the iTunes Top World Music Charts for consecutive weeks, and it charted on the top 10 World and New Age charts on Billboard.

Conway Hall • 25 Red Lion Square • London WC1R 4RL

For more information visit Joy Yoga on this link

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