Getting to Know Julie Montagu!

Julie Montagu, The Flexi Foodie, is one of London’s top yoga and nutrition teachers and recently named Top 10 Holistic Health Icons in the world. YogaClicks catches up with Julie ahead of the release of her new book ‘Recharge,’ publishing in January.


You are offering Teacher Training for the first time next year – congratulations!

What will make your training unique? Tell us why you’re choosing to emphasise the application of traditional yoga teachings to modern life. 

I’m just about to launch my own yoga method alongside the training. I’ll be announcing what it’s called very soon but I can tell you that my style of yoga and the yoga sequence I’ll be teaching is a combination of Vinyasa, Dharma and Mandala. I emphasise the application of yoga teachings to modern life because I know from my experience of being a student on five teacher trainings that I wanted more of that. I craved more self-discovery, self-care, self-love and learning how I could become the best version of myself. I want to bring all of these tools that I’ve learned over the past ten years to my own students.

What are you looking for in a student? 

Someone who is passionate about all the aspects of yoga – not just the physical side – i.e. the poses. I want to teach students who may or may not want to be teachers but who want to live their life with purpose and passion.

Your new book Recharge: A Year of Self-Care to Focus on You is published in January next year – we can’t wait. Tell us more.

What was the inspiration for this book? 

When my husband was ill for 7 years and I was the main caretaker to our 4 young children, I was exhausted, depleted of energy, moody and unhappy. And it wasn’t until I decided to prioritise myself, to choose me and implement small moments of self-care into my daily life, did I truly start to become happier, healthier, have more energy and actually have more of me to go around.  And so, Recharge is my self-care bible. It’s broken into 12 months of self-care, focusing on a different theme per month. For example, Managing Stress, Alleviating Anxiety, Living with Purpose, Creating your own Happiness….

Tell us why small moments of self-care can recharge you so dramatically – don’t we need to make radical changes to get radical results? 

To me, taking radical steps can cause imbalance and exhaustion too!  By taking small steps every single day, and turning those small moments of self-care into daily healthy habits, you will grow to nurture and nourish yourself – and learn more and more about who your true, authentic self. But it takes time.  Self-Care isn’t a crash course, or quick fix – it takes time to invest in you. Why rush it?

You have 4 children – amazing!

How do they inspire your practice and teaching?

My 4 kids inspire me to be the best version of myself.  Everything and I mean everything, I do in life is for them.  I want to show them that when you have a dream, are passionate about something, and work very hard towards that dream you can achieve anything.

How do you use yoga to inspire them in their own lives?

For me, it’s all about leading by example.  They see me go and do yoga every day. They see me teach every other day. They see how yoga is such an important part of my life and they see how it calms me, energises me, inspires me, challenges me and makes me incredibly happy – every single day.

You and yoga

How has yoga changed your life?

I’m 100% a happier person.

Who has been your greatest yoga influence? Who is your teacher?

My students are my teachers.  I learn more from them than any teacher and I think for me, that’s important. I watch them grow and that in turn inspires me.  I watch them cry and that in turn makes me compassionate. I watch them fall and that keeps me humble.  I watch them land a pose and that keeps me motivated.

What’s been your greatest challenge as a yoga teacher? 

Trying to get more people in my class!  I hate having anyone who shows up to take my class, end up on a waiting list and then not get in because the class is full.  I wish the studio space was bigger where I teach.

What does your personal practice look like? 

This year I’ve seen a goal of mine become a reality.  I decided to finally work on my handstands.  For years, I said to myself that because of a massive head injury that I had when I was 12, that I probably shouldn’t be doing handstands.  Clearly, that was a fear of mine and something that my inner critic was telling me and I was stupidly listening to! So, after months and months of practicing every single day, I can now hold a handstand and while in a handstand do some pretty fun stuff with my legs, like Scorpion.

We shine a light on the amazing creative talent in the yoga community – the designers inspired by their practice to create sustainable clothing, original gifts and handmade jewellery for the yoga community. 

In what ways does yoga fire up your creativity?  

Yoga clears my head of clutter so that the creativity can shine through!  Many of my ‘bright ideas’ came while holding pose for 5 or more breaths!

What’s your favourite item of yoga clothing? 

Asquith’s Flow With It Bamboo Yoga Leggings (click here to shop the look)

Do you have a favourite mala or piece of yoga inspired jewellery?

Yes, my clear crystal necklace from Rock & Raw is gorgeous and I wear it almost every day.

Julie Montagu

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