Five yoga classes to get you through the working week

If life is all work, work, work, these classes will see you through.

Yoga With Adriene, 2m followers

Got 6 minutes?

This sequence from Adriene, the most popular yogi on YouTube, is ideal if you want to sneak in a quick yoga break. Open your heart, your shoulders and relieve tension. You can practice this puppy without sound too.

Sadie Nardini, 105k followers

Got 6 minutes?

Use your work time wisely–to de-stress, work out, stretch and bust the dreaded 3pm slump with renowned yoga teacher Sadie Nardini. You’ll look hot, feel calm, and your boss will love your increased cool and productivity.

Madeleine Shaw, 42k followers

Got 10 minutes?

Stretch out your back at your desk with Madeleine Shaw. Perhaps she’ll pack you a healthy lunch too.

Ester Ekhart, 265k followers

Got 7 minutes?

Place your troubled shoulders in the experienced hands of everybody’s favourite Dutch yogi, Ester Ekhart

Yoga With Candace, 141k followers

Got 15 minutes?

This gentle yoga sequence from the lovely Candace will release tension after a long day.