Celebrating Yoga Mums on Mothers’ Day

In celebration of Mothers’ Day, we’ve put together this homage to yoga mums new, old and wannabe.


@laurasykora, New Jersey, USA – 1.1m followers



Laura Kasperzak began her yoga journey almost 20 years ago. Over the past 5 years, her family has become the focus of her daily practice. She loves to connect with her husband through ACROVINYASA and she loves to teach her kids new poses. Her daughter, @minilaursykora, already has over 40k followers, and a wardrobe stuffed with lookalike outfits.

Laura loves to provide an amazing yoga experience in a fun and playful, yet challenging, atmosphere. She takes her yoga seriously, but herself lightly. She is often to be found upside down, and especially loves to rock a handstand in a pair of heels.


@summerperez, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – 99K followers 


Through the steady practice of yoga, Summer has found her way through many of the mentally disabling issues that were keeping her down. It helped her become strong and flexible, both physically and mentally.

She began to share her practice with her children, and she noticed the profound positive effect that yoga and meditation had upon their daily lives. The effect is even more apparent when they DON’T practice, which becomes a greater indicator of the power their practice has to reduce stress and create a calm and loving home. And why she says they need to keep practicing.

Summer’s dream is to become a yoga teacher – so she can pass this gift on to others in need.

Join her Teacher Training KickStarter campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/summerperezytt

@pocketdwarf, Alberta, British Columbia, USA – 130K followers 


@pocketdwarf keeps a low profile but we can reveal that her real name is Melissa Lee and that she is a wife, mum and 200hr Yoga Medicine Teacher.

@yulady, Howell, New Jersey, USA – 90K followers 


Yulady Saluti is a Colombian mom of 6, breast cancer survivor, and founder of Yoga Peace Kula – a nonprofit – created to make the benefits of yoga available to all.

As a non profit yoga studio their mission is to financially make accessible the benefits of yoga and awareness practices to those who otherwise might not be able to afford it. Says Yulady, ‘As a non profit yoga studio our mission is to financially make accessible the benefits of yoga and awareness practices to those who otherwise might not be able to afford it. By creating economic diversity within the yoga studio we have the opportunity to bring together diverse communities.’

Married to Gerald Saluti, Yulady is mother to their two boys. Wyatt (pictured) is a natural yogi, they are keeping the faith for Howell.

@yoga_girl, Aruba – 2m followers 


One of yoga’s newest mums, Rachel welcomed her daughter, Lea Luna, into the world just a week ago, March 13th 2017.

The post announcing the birth received 250K likes. After 24 hours of intense labour wrote Rachel, ‘Life will never be the same. I love her so much it terrifies me. Every piece of her is so perfect I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming! She came out with her eyes wide open, alert and calm, just quietly looking around the room. Kind of like she’s done this a few times before. Giving birth to her is the single most challenging and empowering experience I’ve ever had in my life. So so so grateful to have this little girl in my arms. I will share the full birth story later when I’ve had time to process – it’s SO wild. I bow to every woman out there. Pushing a human being out of your vagina is no walk in the park😳 Thank you everyone for the beautiful wishes! Lea Luna is born into such a loving community my heart swells just thinking about it.’

@talia_sutra, Jerusalem, Israel – 330K followers 


Born in Israel, Talia relocated to New York early in her life. Growing up in a structured, religious, Jewish environment pushed Talia to explore spirituality for herself from a young age. She was first introduced to yoga and meditation at age 6, when her mom integrated these practices into her lifestyle to beat lymphoma.

Now a mum-to-be, Talia has recently relocated to Jerusalem, Israel where she lives with her husband Ezra. She is excited, humbled and honoured at the opportunity to delve deeper into the wisdom of her personal lineage while spreading her love of yoga worldwide.

@lorenlotus, California, USA, 10.4K followers 


Loren just qualified to teach pregnancy yoga and we loved this pic of her manifesting her own, inspired by Beyonce’s recent announcement that she was expecting twins.

She is a passionate yoga instructor inspired by the spiritual traditions and Yogic teachings of India. She received her certification deep in the Caribbean jungle of Costa Rica where she studied under an Akandha teacher.

Throughout her journey of self-study and self-realization she’s found her true passion through the teachings of yoga and creating a space of healing and compassion for the mind, body and spirit of others. She believes yoga is a practice not only on the mat, but also off the mat, in the kitchen, in our relationships and in everyday life.