International Yoga Day!

For YogaClicks International Yoga Day is like Christmas Day so we woke up as excited as a child with presents (or should that be presence) to open.

The common themes were of spreading light in the face of darkness – of yoga as a way of transforming our experience, and our connectedness – of yoga as union.

Here are some of our highlights.


Trafalgar Square, 3pm June 20th 2017

Lucy trying to keep her cool (in 30 degrees) with the Deputy High Commissioner of the Indian High Commission, at Trafalgar Square.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modhi delivered a personal address via video to the 100 strong crowd in Trafalgar Square. Followed by a personal message of support from HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Will we ever get her into DownDog?!

We loved the Mat Wallah – who was extremely protective of his charges, and the class with ChiKri Yoga – Neil Patel – its founder, had beaten cancer many times over and is a real inspiration to the rest of us.

Camden (Triyoga), 7.30am 21st June

Thank you triyoga and Yoga with Lisa Sanfilippo: In London & Worldwide for a beautiful start to #internationalyogaday – who knew 7.30am could feel that good!

Class was followed by coffee at Guy Gold’s, just up the road.

London Bridge, 21st June 3pm

Very proud of our girl @nataliazawada, designer of @wearestarseeds for this pop up on #YogaDay with her pals @1nicoleheller @agisway @noraluberich @ninimiko.

This is what she had to say about it: ‘This world needs more…YOGA. The purpose of practising yoga on #LondonBridge was to share good vibes. Some people stopped and joined, others were taking selfies. And few of them asked why we’re doing it🤔? It was great to hear some real people’s thoughts on the recent news..When media create so much panic and hatred- instead of blindly believing in what we hear in telly, stay with your own thoughts. Talk to a neighbour… or a stranger..optionally- to a yogi on the street. We are all human after all, going throught the same things🙂✌️On the deep level, the reason was to bring love and joy to the place which has a low vibration at the moment. And to show that London is all about collective energy.’

Mayfair, June 21st 6.30pm

John Stirk in one room and Nikki Slade in the other – two leading lights on the UK yoga scene – how to choose? Oh Advaya Initiative, you sure make life tough! Thank you for a beautiful night with some chanting that took us to the heavens.

The event was held at the Nehru Centre in South Audley Street – we were ousted to the music room by a cricket celebration – lucky us – the music room is the last word in graceful, Mayfair elegance.

Tomorrow YogaClicks is off to The Nehru Centre again – for a symposium on all the research into yoga for health – watch this space for the low down.