My Aventureyogi Weekend Retreat Experience!

After a few very hectic weeks at work I felt I needed to plan in a break, and a weekend yoga retreat held the promise of the relaxation I was looking for…


An Internet search led me to Adventure Yogi, who offer many enticing yoga holidays and retreats in the UK and further afield. One of their offerings was a three-day retreat running from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, which made it easy to fit in after a work week. There would be a total of four yoga classes over the weekend, each two hours long. So, there was plenty of yoga to be enjoyed. Along with silent walks in the morning, a guided walk on Saturday afternoon, the promise of delicious and healthy food, and the option to book a massage as an extra, it offered everything I was looking for.


Our location was a farm with holiday cottages in the beautiful Sussex countryside, with picturesque views across the High Weald. I arrived, feeling tired on Friday afternoon, to a warm greeting from the Adventure Yogi team. My friend and I were taken to our cottage, which was cosy and comfortable with space to pad about in and unwind during our free time. We had a hot drink and an energy snack before the first yoga class of the weekend with Simona, our smiling, friendly and enthusiastic yoga teacher. At the beginning of this first class we introduced ourselves to each other, which created a nice energy and helped us to connect. The people attending the retreat were from diverse and interesting backgrounds and everyone was friendly and warm. We each set a private intention for the weekend, which we came back to during our time there.

The first evening class was Yin yoga, which provided a calming balance to the busyness of the day. This was followed by a deeply relaxing yoga nidra, a wonderful way to start the weekend wind down. The evening class the next day was also a Yin yoga class, whereas the morning classes were dynamic vinyasa flow classes to get us energised for the day ahead. As a gentle-hatha and Yin yoga teacher and practitioner I must admit that I found these difficult to follow at first, but by Sunday I’d found my flow and it felt good to challenge myself in a different practice as we can sometimes get stuck in our own way of doing things.

The silent walks in the morning on the farm’s grounds, after a warming hot lemon and ginger drink, were a peaceful and calming way to start each day. The farm’s dog kept us company, eager for us to play! The silent walk allowed me to stay in the present moment whilst appreciating the beautiful countryside scenery surrounding us. We had a guided walk on Saturday afternoon at nearby Bewl Water, the largest stretch of open water in the South East, in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Even though it was cloudy and drizzling on Saturday afternoon, being in nature left me feeling invigorated and refreshed afterwards!

We had a couple of hours free time each day during which we could do as we wished – relax, go for walks, read or have a massage. I booked an hour-long massage with oils, which was a real treat after working hard during the vinyasa classes!

The food over the weekend was a revelation. All the meals were vegan and absolutely delicious. I wasn’t left feeling hungry at all, and by the end of the weekend was inspired to be more adventurous in my own cooking. I never knew that healthy vegetables dishes, soups and salads could be so creative and taste as good. I think it was the best food that I have eaten at a retreat.

By the time I left on Sunday afternoon I felt thoroughly relaxed and recharged. The combination of activities on offer, and the balance of activities and relaxation was perfect. It felt like a long time since we had arrived on the Friday night frazzled after a busy working day. I would certainly recommend a weekend yoga retreat with Adventure Yogi if you’re thinking of taking a similar break, and look forward to attending another one!

Information about the breaks offered by Adventure Yogi can be found at
Yoga was taught by Simona Schimanovich founder of Moon Tribe clothing –
Food by Charlotte Kjaer –

Moon Tribe was founded in London by Simona Schimanovich – a free spirit, art director and yoga teacher. With a background in the creative industries and a deep love for this practice she wanted to realise her vision of a label for contemporary yogis and yoginis.

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