Still in Post #Brexit shock? These yoga hacks will see you through

Clinical studies show yoga, meditation, and pranayama (breathing exercises) are effective post #Brexit treatments. They can help tackle both the immediate symptoms of anxiety, and the underlying causes, though exclusions – including Nigel Farage and Michael Gove – almost certainly apply.


Hack one: BREATHE

Jeff  Phenix – Finding Freedom      Available at YogaClicks

Anxiety creates the shallow, choppy breath that stimulates the release of more stress hormones, increasing levels of stress. Practicing pranayama helps to create deep, slow rhythmic breathing to break the cycle – reducing the production of stress hormones and calming the mind. This can bring fast relief from a panic attack or a racing heart and, if practiced regularly, can help create a more lasting sense of peace – hopefully long enough to work out how to retire to a small Greek island.


Swami Atma Gyanam – Brava Yoga        Available at YogaClicks

Through meditation we learn to stay in the power of the present moment rather than attaching ourselves to anxious thoughts about a post Brexit world… What the stock market will do, what our house will be worth, whether we’ll still have a job this time next year…

Hack 3: MOVE 

Anna Ashby – Rescue Remedies        Available at YogaClicks

Asana (physical poses), especially the more introverted and passive postures, can help by calming the nervous system – making breathing easier, and stretching out tense muscles, helping to release anxiety held in the neck and spine.

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