10 Smoothie Bloggers You Need to Try

Is your Nutri-Bullet collecting dust? Get an #inspo reboot with our guide to Instagram’s best smoothie bloggers.


Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

What I Eat in a Day! 🍍🍓🍇✨ New video with budget saving tips, simply delicious recipes, and more! New video link in bio! 💕✨

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Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram is a pioneer in the raw vegan movement. She is the founder of the largest raw, organic produce co-operative in the U.S., Rawfully Organic and has been 100% raw for over nine years. She is an activist, author, entrepreneur and Lecturer.

Kristina started the non-profit organization, Rawfully Organic at age 20, it feeds hundreds of families each week and focuses on the benefits of eating diets high in raw fruits and vegetables. The co-operative supports families in the Texas community by supplying an abundance of organic produce to help them achieve their raw, vegetarian, or vegan lifestyle. Kristina has also released a book, FullyRaw Diet and is the creator of her latest company called FullyRaw Juice, LLC. She enjoys frequently speaking and lecturing to the Texas community and even offers raw classes where she prepares food for an audience.

The Fully Raw Sunburst Juice – @fullyrawkristina 942k Followers 

Lina Saber

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Lina Saber is famous for her dairy-free, vegan version of everybody’s favorite dessert, nice cream. Each recipe is made with a creamy base of either coconut milk or frozen banana’s. With 413k Instagram followers tuned into to Lina’s daily recipes her nice cream is not the only thing inspiring. Lina also makes and photographs beautifully assembled smoothies, her  10-minute rainbow smoothie recently being featured on the pages of InStyle Magazine Germany.

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Samira Kazan

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Samira Kazan is a London based self-proclaimed food enthusiast who runs a blog sharing inspirational breakfast and snack ideas as well as posting on Instagram for her 251k followers. Her fame is only on the rise recently being featured on Vogue.com and the Oxford graduate is doing senior post-doctoral research in neurology in London. Samira’s inspiration for starting the blog and Instagram was her regular feeling of hunger around 11:00 AM from skipping breakfast she solved this by a combination of culinary curiosity, experimentation, and artistry.

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Taline Gabrielian

Munching on these vegan donuts we stumbled across earlier today 🍩Jam jam baby 👅 #midnightmunchies

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“It’s all about conscious eating in our home. I feel that it’s my responsibility to nourish my children so that they have every opportunity to grow and develop to their full potential. I try to make it fun, and luckily my kids are all for it” Taline Gabrielian. Taline is drawn to the sweeter things in life and after being told she was intolerant to eggs, dairy, wheat and soy she needed to find an alternative to get the sweet fix she was missing. Taline got experimenting and from this spawned her obsession with vegan treats.

Sleep ins & bubblegum smoothies - my kinda fun ☆🍬#hippielane #treatswithedge

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Kath and Jade

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Kath and Jade are two sisters from Austrailia creating beautifully assembled and photographed recipes for their 211k Instagram followers. They started @panaceas_pantry because of a life long dream to open a cafe and used the Instagram as a stepping stone to acheive this. Kath and Jade’s mantra to live by is ‘Eat plants, buy less, give love and promote equality.’

RECIPE BELOW Turmeric makes you a better person 😁☺️. Immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cancer fighting, teeth whitening, warming and delicious. Pop it in your smoothie, in a curry/soup, or make a soothing turmeric latte. Or don't (but you'll feel a little less super human without it 😝). My personal blend is as follows 2 tsp organic turmeric powder 2 tsp organic ginger root powdwr 1 tsp ground cinnamon 3-4 cracks black pepper 1 litre fresh coconut milk (or filteted water with 2 Tbsp coco cream) METHOD Add all ingredients to a saucepan. Slowly heat until almost boiling then turn off heat. Steep for 5 mins. To serve- taste and add sweetener if desired (I'd use coconut sugar) To good health in 2017 and beyond xx

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Turmeric Smoothie – @Panacease_pantry 211k Followers 


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Melissa is a wife and mother of two living a plant based life. Melissa’s Instagram feed is filled with gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar free recipes.

'Tis the season for delicious fresh cherries 🍒 so with the abundance of cherries this time of year it makes sense to make a cherry bomb shake for the kids to devour ✨ a simple recipe but a staple smoothie base for the kids and a great way for them to get creative in the kitchen and aware of what ingredients to use~ a creamy dairy free , guilt free treat for the kids these holidays, a simple blend of 3-4 frozen bananas, 1 cup coconut water or mylk , 1/4 cup coconut yogurt and 1 1/2 cups of fresh pitted cherries and a handful of ice for extra chill ❄️I also added some choc coated cacao nibs and choc coated raspberries for cherry ripe vibes ✌🏼get these goodies from my fave pantry staples bulkfoods store @thesourcebulkfoods I always manage to make too much 🙈so sharing this cherry bomb shake with the tribe of @earthyandy and @talinegabriel as part of #talineandandyschristmascomp 🎄 and @missmarzipancom #happyhealthyadvent here's to promoting healthy plant based , sugar free choices for our kids ! #teachemwhiletheyareyoung 👊🏻 Wishing you all a safe and wonderful lead up to Christmas 🎄 ⭐⭐😘

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Good morning world 🙋🏼 Here's a little non-food related post to say hi to everyone 🙋🏼💕 I am in the middle of my tough week exam so I am going to take a little IG brake for a week or so ☺️ I am looking forward to checking others' pages every now and then but I won't post anything for a while as I don't have time for kitchen right now 😁 But you can always follow me on snapchat 👻 smoothie_swan or send me a DM if you want to get in touch 😃🙋🏼 So far I've always considered IG as a positive platform where people can connect and share their interests. Although, lately I've experienced quite a few negative sides of IG which I want to shake off me as I often get too involved if I feel like something is not fair 😕 I've seen people's creations got stolen and shared as someone's else's own without giving credit to the right owner. I've heard people demanding recipes for creations (it takes a lot of work to create and share recipes so please show respect to the creators). I've seen people being rude to others commenting on how poorly they have styled their food (please just not like/comment if you don't like what you see). I've heard of people blaming their friends for not checking their pages for a long time (no one has time to keep up all the time) I've heard people demanding answers for their messages (please respect that people have lives to live). I've had people befriend with me and my friends just in order to get favors and features. I know that this 'world' just an app but I still would like to remind us that there are real people with real lives behind this app. We all have our real lives to live and most of us do this just because it's fun and we love to cook and style food and take pictures. I personally take the connections I've made here seriously although they are just behind an app. Therefore, it makes me sad if others do not show the same respect for others. Also although this is just a hubby for many we are still passionate about our work and creations which is why it's not okay to steal ideas or recipes without giving credit. Sorry for my rambling but just wanted to let it go and then move on ☺️❤️ Much love to you all ✨💞💕

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Rikka is an ambassador for Organic Burst, a plant-based organic food distributor. Organic Burst is a social enterprise thats profits are ‘reinvested to source the highest quality foods directly from small ethical and organic growers and harvesters.’ Rikka has dedicated years to learning, researching and discovering the true way to live a healthy, harmonious and joyful life. Organic burst now has 360,000 Bursters on social media and customers in 105 countries across the world.

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Kat Carrera

Sunny smoothie to brighten up the grey day🌫Papaya & Orange 🍊 with some fresh watermelon juice 🍉☔️✨

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Kay Carrera is an Instagram blogger who posts vegan recipes to her followers daily and a blog where she posts inspirational quotes and promotes all-around healthy living. Kay describes her blog as an ‘online guide to better your health and make more conscious choices in eating, buying and thinking!’

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Healthy Jo

What a great way to #wakeupinstyle this morning at the launch of a new Limited Edition collection of coffee jars, from a collaboration between @mocconacoffee and Australian sleepwear designer @peteralexanderofficial 💞❤️💖 How seriously cute are these jars! There are 4 different designs to collect, and they'll be in supermarkets from Oct 24 💜 I can't wait to up-cycle them and use them to store my flowers, kitchen utensils and superfoods AND for smoothie and salad jars❤️ What I love even more however is that they will donate 100% of the proceeds from this collaboration direct to the RSPCA 🙌🐶🐱💞 So what could be better than great coffee, reusable jars in gorgeous designs, and helping animals 🌸 Make sure you check them out and all my behind he scenes from today on Snapchat, Stories and Facebook 💖☕️

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Jo started her healthy journey after years of yoyo dieting, teenage eating disorders and a fear of food. After some searching she found clean eating which involves cutting out as much processed junk as possible, including refined sugar, and just focus on eating wholefoods, including lots of lean protein, vegetables, good fats and healthy carbs. Going into 2017 Jo has 145k of followers and has plans to write a recipe book and much more.

The Rainbow Series 🌈 has to be celebrated again with these rainbow smoothies with their touch of pink for Pink week 💝 and the splash of passionfruit leopard print! Just add some berries, spinach, or superfoods powders to your favourite smoothie base to get the same effect. My base is Mango and passionfruit which is my favourite Summer smoothie combo ☀️For those of you in the colder climates, just sit next to your fire while you drink these ones 😉🔥 We went and saw the new Underworld movie with Kate Beckinsale last night after a lovely Italian dinner. If you like blood shed and minimal plot line, then this is the movie for you. Kate does still look amazing though after all these years. Serendipity is still my favourite though ⭐️ Classic movie. I'll add it to the Christmas favourites to be watched in the coming weeks along with Love Actually and The Holiday. Now to do some Christmas decorating and put the tree up 🎄 Have a great weekend everyone 😘

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