10 Affordable Yoga Getaways You Won’t Want to Miss

Think you can’t afford a luxe yoga getaway this year? Well think again.

We’ve rounded up 10 incredible Yoga getaways – From Portugal to Mexico via Scotland – that are not to be missed this year. All for less than £165 per day.

Make 2017 about you.



Tilton House – East Sussex, UK

From £160 per day


Discover downward dog in the unspoilt South Downs. At the end of a long country lane, elegant Tilton House near Lewes offers a range of yoga and creative breaks on the weekends. Between classes, guests can go hiking, doze in the sauna, read by an open fire, have a massage or visit the Bloomsbury group’s Charleston Farmhouse nearby.

The Yoga classes are taught by a roster of teachers using a combination of energising Dynamic Yoga in the morning followed by a more restorative practice of Hatha yoga later in the day. The emphasis of the postures will be on detoxification and together we will work through yoga postures that compress, twist and stretch the body in order to aid elimination via the digestive system. This will help you feel lighter both physically and mentally which will, in turn, assist you in reaching a state of relaxation.


Eco Yoga – Argyll, Scotland

From £100 per day


Perched on a hill amidst forests, streams and waterfalls and overlooking Loch Awe on the West Coast of Scotland, the Eco Yoga Centre runs catered and self-catered yoga retreats lasting from 4 to 7 nights from March to October. Powered by a hydro turbine and heated by solar thermals, this is a true eco experience and genuinely natural escape. Whether running a woodland bath beside a waterfall, taking a hot tub under the stars or walking in the hills, you’ll feel fully immersed in and at one with nature. If combining the great outdoors with a deeply rewarding yoga practice appeals, then eco yoga will charm, enthral and free the spirit.


The Courtyard – Wicklow, Ireland

From £112 per day


The Courtyard is reputed as being one of the best yoga retreats in Ireland. And it’s easy to understand why.

On entering the gates of The Courtyard you will leave behind the stresses of everyday life and relax into the flow of our peaceful and friendly retreat. The beautiful former Victorian model farm is nestled amidst rolling hills and forestry in Wicklow, close to Dublin. The success as a yoga retreat is not only due to having all the essential elements of a good yoga retreat but because it’s a family run business that makes their home your home.



Vida Pura – Faro, Portugal

From £44 per night


Spend relaxing and revitalising days at Vida Pura eco-friendly holiday near the beautiful southwest coast of Portugal. Restore, revive, and connect with nature through daily yoga on the custom outdoor yoga deck. A magical combination of authentic rural culture meeting a wild coastline. Relax, chill, and catch some sun at the beach of Odeceixe, a true paradise.

The yoga deck will provide you with soaring views of the surrounding countryside, the perfect space for a carefully developed yoga practice suitable for both experienced yogis and those new to the practice.

It is one of the best-kept secrets of southern Portugal.


Silver Island – Pteleos, Greece

From £160 per day


Silence is golden silver. Choose a digital detox at the privately owned, untouched dream island for a unique yoga experience. With only 10 guests weekly from April through to October, it’s time to book your place before it’s too late.

Silver Island Yoga is about totally getting away, magic, nature, wellness, transformation and rejuvenation. The wish is to create an experience that inspires peace, serenity and mindful living. You are invited to join in for a truly magical, unspoiled, utterly relaxing yoga retreat and holiday of a lifetime.


Rustic Retreats – Totana, Spain

From £64 per day


Rustic Retreats is home to off-grid yoga retreats, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Espuna Mountains in southern Spain. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place, with zero light pollution, solar power and natural mineral water.

In stunning surroundings, sleeping in beautiful, simple accommodation, their chef will produce a myriad of fresh, healthy, locally-sourced meals to tantalise your palate and revitalise your soul.



Bagus Jati Health & Wellbeing Retreat – Gianyar, Bali

From £163 per day


If you’re looking for tranquil luxury, you’ve found it. Imagine a place so green and rich from nature’s creation the only noises you hear are exotic birds and butterflies, the views you see are of tropical forests, mountains and sea. Ubud’s countryside is where paradise rests.

A sanctuary where your every need is met with a smile and your worries are whisked away. Humble staff, that soon become friends, release you with traditional massages and refreshing facials. Where the healing foods you eat are grown organically in your garden and eaten overlooking the river valley, and gardens of Mount Agung.

Morning yoga to relax the body and evening meditation to calm the mind, imagine a place as beautiful as this where you are offered daily inspirations to live a more healthy, more harmonious way of life.


Museflower Retreat – Chiang Rai, Thailand

From £115 per day


Set amidst a garden and rice fields, Museflower Retreat & Spa boasts signature massage treatments, a spa and a wellness and yoga centre. A little yoga escape in Chiang Rai’s green hills will do wonders to unwind your body and mind. You’ll be surprised on how much, or how little you can do in this bliss setting. The retreat offers complete relaxation with daily yoga and meditation classes and rejuvenating swims in a Himalayan crystal salt pool. Or catch up on sleep in your private cottage overlooking the lake and gardens. If you want something a bit more active they also offer excursions, bike rides and alternative therapies.


Bodhi Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat – Kerala, India

From £45 per day


Bodhi Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat promotes and provides yoga classes and Ayurveda treatments and uses a holistic approach to purify the body and mind.

Don’t miss a great opportunity to reconnect and re-energize your body and mind whilst experiencing the magical tropics of Kerala. Enjoy traditional Ayurvedic massages, facial, skin and hair strengthening therapies, and experience supreme relaxation while discovering the benefits of meditative yoga asana and pranayama in the cacophony of tropical nature paradise.

Start the day with pranayama and meditation sessions. Deepen your yoga practice on a daily basis, working on the primary series and moving on to the advanced set of postures. Learn more about asanas, anatomy, and perfect certain postures during the afternoon workshops. Relax deeply and restore both your body and mind with yoga Nidra for deep relaxation.


Haramara Retreat – Sayulita, Mexico

From £103 per day


Described as the place “where Robinson Crusoe meets Architectural Digest”, Haramara Retreat is an idyllic jungle gem nestled on a hillside, overlooking the Pacific Ocean Coastline. It’s a magical place created to provide a natural and supportive environment for you to relax, restore and renew.

But it’s not just yoga in a heavenly environment, martial arts is also part of the schedule; if you fancied a Yin to your Yang. “They complement each other physically and spiritually,” says retreat co-leader Nathania Stambouli. “Yoga can strengthen and lengthen the body to make certain martial arts movements more accessible, and martial arts’ attention to precision applies beautifully when translated to poses on the yoga mat. Both practices are inherently about mindfulness, awareness and consciousness on the mat and in life.”

In between expect goal-setting workshops, hikes and exceptionally creative organic, vegetarian food prepared by some of the finest chefs in Mexico.


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